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The rise of the Baby Tipi

The rise of the Baby Tipi

The Ultimate Glamping Experience 

Well, the winter is definitely here and Christmas is now looming. All of our bell tents are snug and warm in our new purpose-built barn and the winter crew are sorting through our range of interiors – fixing, mending and cleaning.

We’ve recently launched ZooTipi, our exciting new venture, offering Giant Hat Tipis and Kungs. These mammoth structures offer a fantastic space for weddings, banquets, conferences… you name it! And they complement our Baby Tipis perfectly, which may look enormous when standing next to a bell tent but are nothing compared to the Giant Hats. The tipi range is perfect for winter events, such as weddings, Christmas markets or of course Christmas parties.

This season we’ve seen demand rise for our Baby Tipis as an accommodation option at events across the UK. There’s no sign of the festival market in the UK slowing down and glamping is becoming more and more a part of the experience. Ten years ago the term ‘glamping’ didn’t really exist but fast forward to today and fields of glistening white bell tents are an iconic sight at festivals across the land. Offering glamping opens up the festival market to a whole new clientele, who wouldn’t be inspired to camp in the general campsite but are happy to splash out for a glampsite. We’re talking over-40s and families mainly.

But as the humble bell tent becomes standard fare, glampers are looking for new structures. As any typical marketing model will show, early adopters and Innovators expect new and better things each year. While bell tents will always be the traditional and affordable glamping structure, we’re seeing more requests from our clients along the lines of ‘what else can you offer’? In 2018 we started promoting our 6m Deluxe Bell Tents, which give a touch of decadence to glamping with more floor and head space, as well as those luxurious extras – from clothes rails to deckchairs and bean bag sofas to electric lights and charging sockets. They proved so popular that we introduced our Baby Tipis as a regular sight in our glamping villages in 2019.

Tipis date back to the era of kings and tribesmen. In Mongolia today gers (or yurts) are still the dwelling of choice on the steppes and little has changed since the days of Genghis Khan. The Native American tribes used tipis from the wilds of Canada to the Great Plains of Texas, with the conical shape and steep incline offering the perfect protection from wind, snow and rain. Tipis were completely portable and could be collapsed in minutes by the females of the tribes, then moved on to the next location pulled by horses or dogs.

Our Baby Tipis are a little less portable than that but we can still manage to put up ten tipis in a day easily, complete with interiors. We offer a range of furnishing packages, including what our crew call ‘the Game of Thrones’ kit, which is furry throws, faux deerskin rugs and mock antler chandeliers. 

Our sibling brand ZooLoos have even designed a fantastic Glamp-pod which adds true indulgence to the Ultimate Glamping Experience – we link the side door of the Baby Tipi to a canvas walkway that leads into an ensuite shower and toilet pod. No more fumbling for the torch to make those late night trips to the toilet!


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