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Create a glamping wonderland with iconic Bell tents, quirky Sheba Yurts and stunning Baby Tipis

Choose from iconic bell tents in cosy 4.5m, traditional 5m or spacious 6m footprints; quirky Sheba yurts or stunning Baby Tipis, which offer the ultimate glamping experience.

We provide standard options to furnish the interiors to suit any style or budget. Or, why not get creative, selecting from our range of premium interiors, to build your own tailored homes from home?

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Our Bell Tents are simple structures which look amazing once dressed. A single centre pole holds up cotton canvas, stabilised by a sewn or zipped in groundsheet  and guy ropes.

This iconic design has been used for centuries across the globe but more recently by a US army officer who patented the Sibley design in the 1850s. Our Bell Tents come in three diameters – cosy 4.5 metre, traditional 5 metre and spacious 6 metre. Depending on what furnishings package you choose, our Bell Tents can accommodate up to six overnight guests.


Our Baby Tipis are 6.5m in diameter and at 4.5m high, they stand head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Comprised of nine wooden poles linked into a crown, then wrapped up in canvas, there is plenty of space inside.

We dress our Baby Tipis with handmade wooden beds and matching furniture, making them snug and warm with furry throws and faux animal-hide rugs. They can even be teamed with our decadent Glamp Pod, an en-suite shower and WC, linked by a canvas corridor to the Tipi side entrance.

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Our Yurts offer quirky accommodation option and can even be furnished with a wood stove as required. Traditionally formed by a wooden lattice structure, covered with furs and animal hides, they are still in used by nomadic tribes in the Central Asian steppes, such as Mongolia where they are called gers.

Our Yurts are a little more modern, still with the traditional wooden lattice forming the walls but covered with waterproof canvas and featuring windows, skylights and a lockable wooden door.


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