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About Us

Glamping with a wild twist

Imagine the most luxurious glamping experience known to man, ideal for every occasion – festivals, parties, weddings, corporate functions, sporting events… you name it.

Sleep in style

You really can sleep under the stars without roughing it, so ditch the pop-up
tent and foot pump, and sleep snug as a bug* in your cosy cocoon of luxury.
* Real bugs not included.

Unzip our tents

Raise the roof

We’ve built up quite a portfolio over the years, glamping it up at various events – from wild country festivals to prime corporative events, where attention to the finest detail and bags of style are an absolute must. Why not raise the roof at this year’s event.

What they say

One happy family

The handy thing about being part of the Zoo Events Group is we can organise all the facilities you need for your UK or European event, under one roof, meaning less stress for you and a better price than any of our competitors. Oh, and some very happy campers. Dive into our loveable range of luxury portable loos, showers and washrooms over at ZooLoos.

Happy Campers



Managing Director, “King of the Jungle”

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The roar behind the Zoo. Charles’ eureka moment came when queuing for smelly portaloos at a festival, hair flowing in the wind. He now holds the grail to the most versatile, eco-friendly loo system in the world. Hobbies include Land Rovers, skiing and reaching incredible speeds… on foot. Enjoys playing tag with the local cheetah population. Don’t leave in direct sunlight.


Director, “Lord of the Bells”

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Heads up ZooBells and currently in training for Bed Hair of the Year. Ben started his career among the bright lights of Bristol as an Assistant Director for television dramas Skins and Mistresses. Survives days without food or sleep and carries the strength of a much larger mammal. Spends the winter months locked away, building his knowledge of every movie ever made. Wrote the book on Rock and Roll… then lost it.


Business & Operations Manager, “Bell Raiser”

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Transforms empty fields into bell tent cities. Strategic leader. Crowd pleaser. Experienced in event management and hospitality. Relishes a challenge so decided to face his toughest mission yet…maintaining white linen in muddy fields! Pulls the guy ropes behind the scenes keeping everything together.


Project Co-ordinator, “No.1 Bell’s Angel”

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6’ 4”… ish, so perfect for rigging tall bell tents. Retired from a long and prosperous carpentry career due to splinter-related injury. Glamping groupie. Rum enthusiast. Wannabe pirate. Responsible for keeping team morale high in soggy fields. Pedigree. House trained. Jabs up-to-date. Free to a good home. No refunds.


Yard Supervisor “Fresh Prince of Bell Tents “

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Confined space extraordinaire. Can find a needle in a haystack. Grabs it, stacks it, stores it….then sends it back out. Keeps the warehouse running smoothly and our distribution on time.


Team Leader “Bell of the Ball”

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Tents, squats and smiling lots… After a long summer of showing us how it’s done she’s been called back into action to prepare for our most ‘in-tents’ season yet. Sophie used to spend her days exploring the world in her trusty camper van Eric, but that all changed after her first season with the Zoo! After laying low on the Christmas market scene she’s returned to lift her way through the festivals once again in Sophie Jones 2: Bell Tents Strike Back!

Join our Tribe

We’re a growing team, always on the look out for fresh talent and extra hands. Take a walk on the wild side and check out our latest jobs.

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Pulling Power

We pull together to make each event memorable, like it’s the most important occasion in the history of humankind. Just imagine how “WOW” your event could be if you had all this…


Sleep in style

The ultimate boutique camping experience.

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