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Bell Tents for sale


Although they’ve been used at festivals and events, they’re in good condition* and have been well loved. Naturally, some tents may have slight specks and mud marks (which can be easily treated!), but we just think this adds to their value.

I mean, how cool would it be to own a tent that could have graced the grounds of Glasto?!

We have graded our tents based on their usage and condition at the end of this season. Please read the information carefully before selecting your tent to ensure you choose the best option for yourself. All prices include delivery to mainland UK. We can deliver worldwide but additional costs may be incurred. Please get in touch before you purchase if you wish to get a quote.

*We make sure our tents are in tip-top condition, but we’re all ears if you’re not happy with the condition. Some tents may have very small patches of mould surfacing, but this is easily treated. Just give us a bell within 24 hours of receiving your tent/s.

These can be picked up cheaply online or from any camping store!

5-metre canvas bell tent

Sleeps five to six people before feeling too snug. The 5-metre bell tent is a large round
group tent with a fully sewn-in groundsheet for ease and comfort.

Lots of space 
The 5m bell tent has room for 6 people with enough space for luggage. This large sturdy tent is therefore very suitable for groups of people at festivals or scouting and family weekends.

Only two tent poles 
The 5m bell tent is supplied with a central tent pole and an A – Frame at the front . As the poles are not going by the outer cover, the tent is better resistant to rain.

Optimal ventilation 
The group tent is equipped with a number of windows that provide light and optimal ventilation. By good ventilation, there will be no condensation. The ridge of the tent is also provided with small vent holes. These are cleverly placed so that rainwater from the tent expires and cannot go inside. The side walls of the tent are also well protected against rain because the roof is stretched tight.

Solid materials
The outer skin is made of heavy cotton 300 g / m2. The poles are made of steel with a diameter of 32 mm and 22/19 mm. The strong and durable bisonyl groundsheet is waterproof. The solid materials ensure that the tent is resistant to all kinds of weather. Finally, the 4m bell tent comes with pegs and guy lines.

  • 5m Bell Tent
  • Name:Sherpa 500 tent
  • Type:Group Tent
  • Capacity:8 people
  • Dimensions:500 x 500 cm (L x W)
  • Height:300 cm
  • Sleeping Rooms:1 bedroom
  • Folded size:94 x 31 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight:30.1 kg ±
  • Flysheet:Cotton
  • Floor Living space:Wired
  • Sticks Material:Steel
  • Tent pole diameter:ø 32/22/19 mm
  • Included:Herring, Scheer Lines

Grade A – May have the odd blemish here or there on canvas from usual camping and festival usage but still in excellent condition


Grade B – Has a few marks on canvas from usual camping and festival usage but still in great condition. May have slight specks starting to appear on canvas but these have been treated. Please see photos below for an example of tent condition:

Grade C – Will have a few specks/patches of mould starting to appear around door and wall canvas – this can be easily treated and cleaned, please let us know if you would like any advice on how to do so and we will do our utmost to help! Please see photos below of various tents in this grading to get an idea of condition of tents:

Grade D – Will have patches of mould around door and wall canvas – this can be easily treated and cleaned, please read instructions at bottom of description for a guide on how to do so! See images below of tents within this grading to get an idea of the condition of the tents:

Mildew can be easily treated and cleaned, please read below for a quick guide on how to do so:
• To start, pitch your tent on a warm sunny day and allow to air completely

• When dealing with fungus use a soft brush and a lot of fresh water to remove as much as you can and to stop the fungus from spreading

• If there are any marks left on canvas, we recommend using only specialised canvas tent cleaning products. Other domestic, chemical products can be too harsh and cause the canvas structure to breakdown and leak.

• After cleaning your tent you will need to re-waterproof and threat the material (which is a lot easier and less daunting than it sounds!)

• Nikwax Tech wash and TX waterproofing are perfect for cleaning and treating and can be easily purchased as a twin pack for convenience
– Tech Wash is a specially designed wash-in cleaner for waterproof canvas, and it safely revitalises the breathability and water-resistance of the canvas of your tent or awning. It can be used for a quick spot clean or to wash the entire tent, depending on your needs, and can prolong the life of your tent by removing dirt, which in turn tends to attract moisture.
– Cotton Proof allows you to reproof your canvas while keeping it nice and breathable, and even inhibits the growth of mould in damp conditions (although all canvas should only be stored when bone dry). The Nikwax range is available in two sizes for localised treatment or thorough cleaning and reproofing, depending on your needs.

• Allow tent to dry fully to avoid further build up

Bell tent awning for 5M tent creates a sheltered outside area for your tent

  • Size – 3.5 x 3.5 x 3m
  • 3 canvas loops on each corner
  • Attaches to the A-frame spike
  • Waterproof
  • 100% cotton canvas, 285g per sqm


5m Bell Tent - Second hand - Grade A£385.00 (inc delivery)ORDER NOW
5m Bell Tent - Second hand - Grade B£360.00 (inc delivery)ORDER NOW
5m Bell Tent - Second hand - Grade C£315.00 (inc delivery)ORDER NOW
5m Bell Tent - Second hand - Grade D£250.00 (inc delivery)ORDER NOW
5m Bell Tent Awning- Second hand £40.00 (inc delivery)ORDER NOW

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