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Our Tents

Measure up for your event with all you need to know about our bell
tents, plus all the fancy furnishings and accessories.

Bell Tents

The 4m bell tent sleeps four people and the 5m up to six people, with room for luggage. All bell tents are supplied with a central tent pole and an A-Frame at the front. The groundsheets are sewn-in, making the tent more rain-resistant.

The group tent features a number of windows, making it light and airy. Effective ventilation ensures no condensation (or clammy guests). The ridge of the tent is also punched with small vent holes. These are cleverly placed, so that outside rainwater can’t leak in. The sidewalls of the tent are well protected against rain too, because the roof is taut.

The tent’s outer skin is made of heavy cotton and the poles are made of steel. Naturally, the strong and durable bisonyl groundsheet is waterproof. These solid materials ensure the tent is fully weatherproof. Finally, all bell tents come with pegs and guy lines. No schoolboy errors here!


Furnishings and accessories

It all depends on the event and the tents you choose, but this could all be yours…
  • Quechua blow-up airbeds
  • Real mattresses
  • Egyptian cotton bed linen (sheet, pillows and duvet)
  • Blankets
  • Low level decorative or wooden tables
  • Green wooden low level box tables
  • Lanterns and table lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Bunting
  • Carpets throughout
  • Rugs
  • Entrance mats