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A day in the life of a ZooBells Team Leader

A day in the life of a ZooBells Team Leader

For this month we’ve asked Sophie, one of the ZooBells Team Leaders, to share her experiences with us. We’re about to start our seasonal recruitment drive and we’re always on the lookout for motivated team players with oodles of stamina and a great eye for detail to join our crews.

Introducing Sophie…

Hi! Summer 2020 will be my third season with Zoo Events Group. I started in 2018 as Build Crew and have since worked my way up the ranks to Team Leader. Within my role, I work closely with our Project Managers and Build Managers onsite to ensure the operation runs smoothly as well as supporting the office based team at our yard in Stockton, Warminster.

Let me tell you about my average day in the field… 

My day starts at around 7.30am when I head to the kitchen tent for breakfast. We have some great chefs with ZooBells, who not only cater for various dietary requirements but also keep the team well fed and healthy!

After breakfast we gather the crew for a morning briefing to run through the tasks for the day, role allocations, important kit deliveries and any safety requirements. Crew camp is usually a short walk from where we’re building the boutique camping area unless we are camping in the same field. As Team Leader I always remind the crew to bring their sun cream and raincoats as you never know what the Great British weather has instore. I always encourage everyone to take plenty of snacks and tunes to keep us going.

Once at the build site, we split into groups and get to work. We could be working on a job that has 50 tents or 500 tents, so every event is different. On the larger jobs there will be more than one Team Leader and we split the crew between us to work in designated areas.

Part of my role is to ‘lay out the lines’. We measure the field very precisely to ensure there are equal gaps between the tents, that the fire lanes are correct and that we maximise use of space. Most clients like nice neat rows of tents, but others prefer small clusters or even to spell out words, so they look awesome in a drone photo!

Our first couple of days will usually be spent putting the tents up. We train our crew to put the structures up in a precise way – we don’t want any leaks or saggyness! As a team leader I work closely with the crew, ensuring the tents are all going up correctly, the guy ropes are tight and the groundsheet is stretched out properly. I’m always there to provide a helping hand!

After the tents are up, we’re hard at work getting all the interiors in. ZooBells offer different levels of luxury which vary between jobs depending on the clients’ preferences. Some like a range of packages to suit different budgets, so we might have up to five different styles of interior at one event and it’s vital they’re allocated correctly.

Every tent will have a minimum of a carpet, entrance mat and central table with lantern. Once these are in, the Build Manager and Team Leader will plot a diagram of the site, labelling each tent with its interior package. There’s a lot of walking back and forth to get everything in place and it’s important to keep the team spirits up and motivate everyone to keep going. We encourage the crew to have fun at work!

Getting the interior furnishings into the tents can take a few days and its vital I continually check the right kit is in each tent. Making sure everything is arranged perfectly, beds are made beautifully and ready for our guests to sleep in style.

At around 1pm we head back to camp for a delicious lunch made by our crew chef. Featuring anything from sandwiches to soup, frittatas to risotto there’s always plenty to eat. After eating, the crew then spend the rest of their break chilling out and recharging before heading back to work.

We tend to work until 6pm then head back to camp. As a team leader, I check around the site to make sure all the tents are zipped up, there’s nothing left outside, and that all the kit in the storage area is covered by tarpaulin if necessary. Then it’s time for a catch-up with the other managers and team leaders. We discuss how the build is going, whether we’re on target and the plan for the following day. Communication is so important – we all need to know what is happening and what the priorities are. The last task of the day is to fill out everyone’s timesheets for that day and sign off the chef food hygiene paperwork.

Then at last it’s time for dinner and some quality time with the crew. You’ll often find me sat round the campfire listening to music, playing cards or having a game of frisbee. I also love getting the crew together for little trips out in the evening to a nearby beach or local pub. We cover events all over the UK so we get to see some great places along the way!

During the Festival… 

At many of the events we offer reception services, as Team Leader I ensure all crew are trained up and ready to give our customers the best service possible with a smooth and easy check in. I also allocate shifts to the crew, deal with any queries, maintain the check in database and delegate concierge and maintenance tasks. I absolutely love leading reception, it’s a great opportunity to get to know customers and oversee our boutique site!

Once all the hard work is done its time for the best part of the job… the festival! We generally get free entry to the event and it’s great to experience so many in one Summer! It’s hard to pick a favourite from 2019, but one that really stands out for me is Boomtown. It’s one of the most diverse festivals on the scene with such a wide variety of music and immersive experience. You feel like you’ve entered a dream like town in a different world and the atmosphere is incredible!


Want to join the ZooBells Team? 

If you’re interested in finding out more details about being a Team Leader or any of our other roles, please check out the ‘jobs’ section on our website and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming recruitment announcements on our social media pages.


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