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Glamping survival kit

Glamping survival kit

Summer is officially here, so what better time to share our top glamping tips. Whether you’ve booked to join the Zoo crew for a weekend away or are thinking about embarking on a trip to the great outdoors over the festival season, we’ve thrown together a glamping survival guide to take you through the necessities (you’re welcome). When it comes to catching z’s, camping doesn’t have the best rep. You’ve probably heard stories of rock hard floors and cold nights, but there is a better way…

If you’re glamping with us, our bell tents include lovely little comforts that make a big difference. We’ll honestly provide everything you need for a dreamy experience. But we don’t want to keep the secret to ourselves. So, we’ve listed some top-drawer items to help you glamp it up in style.

Sleep easy
Air mattresses give you a softer ride for sure. For the comfiest glamping experience, get your hands on a double air mattress, so you can starfish under the stars. We recommend bringing a hand pump to help you blow it up, without getting out of puff.

Sleeping bags (or even better, duvets) are definitely a necessity. However, if you aren’t limited by how much you can carry, we’d recommend bringing extra blankets to keep you warm in the early hours as you toast by the campfire.

A pillow is also a key feature of a good night’s sleep, but one that campers hate to admit. This is because it isn’t easy to pack or attach to your camping bag. If you are struggling to find the room to pack one, you could roll up some jumpers and other clothing into a makeshift pillow for the night.

Get heated
Bring a gas stove with plenty of spare gas canisters, plus matches or a lighter and some basic cooking equipment, so that you can prepare your own food in the great outdoors. If your equipment is new, try it out at home before you set off, just to check you understand how everything works (and so you’re confident you won’t get stranded without dinner in the evening).

Most importantly, bring LOTS of bottled water to stay hydrated, and find out if your campsite has taps to top up your drinking water during your trip. Coffee and/or tea lover? Bring a milk substitute and pack your coffee granules in a small Tupperware box, so you don’t need to pack the whole tub.

If you’re glamping with ZooBells, a few visits to the bar should be thrown in for good measure too 😉

Keep it clean
It can be hard to keep your things (or yourself) clean during a camping experience, especially if you’re unlucky with the weather and the ground at your campsite gets muddy. But if you’re kitted out with the right gear, the rain and mud shouldn’t bog you down.

Make sure you bring a range of waterproof clothing and equipment. We’re talking waterproof tent, trousers and coat, and professional walking boots or wellies to keep your feet dry. If you’re glamping with us, you can use our luxury ZooLoos and showers. If not, make sure you have plenty of toilet rolls and baby wipes, plus some towels, soap and shampoo.

Pack, don’t slack!
It is important to bring enough spare clothes so you’re not left high and dry (or rather, wet) after a rainstorm. We recommend packing plenty of spare underwear and socks, and a lot of layers. If you do find yourself with very damp clothing, put it at the bottom of your sleeping bag when you head to bed that night and your body heat will dry it.

A hoody is a holy item of clothing for camping or glamping. Obviously it keeps you warm, but it is also a very versatile piece of equipment, easily transformed into an eye mask as you sleep (genius, I know) or an extra building block for that pillow I mentioned earlier.

Catch zoo soon
If you’re joining us at one of our upcoming events, we can’t wait to meet you! Get in touch for more info and even more awesome top tips (please, no need to thank us). If you haven’t booked with us yet, don’t forget to check out some of the available glamping options, and we’ll sort out this survival kit so you don’t have to.